Ne quid nimis (nancynewt) wrote in atxsbc,
Ne quid nimis

Oracles and Lingerie Aug 21st

Ladies Night on the 21st is at my place, onxylynxx and I will be hosting. If you do oracles of some sort (tarot, astrology, rune, etc) and you want to share, bring your tools. I'll have my cards at the ready. I have yet to find lingerie but I'll be in something comfy. But of course, lingerie is optional. I'll have chocolate, snacks, and an open bar. I'm inviting a few a my non-snarky bitch friends, but they'll fit right in.

13200 Villa Park Drive
Austin, TX, 78729


It starts at 6pm.

We have several people bringing Oracles. Don't feel you have to be able to read to attend. We'll all have lots of fun
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