jadeysmyname (jadeysmyname) wrote in atxsbc,

SBC Girls night out, or in as it may be 8-14

ok ya Snarky Bitches
girls night out WON'T be as suggested before (the Archivers place for stampin fun)
but rather here at my place just lounging by the pool, snarkin about life in general.

i will have iced tea and some snackies,
like chilled fruit, grill some chicken strips to eat with our fingers, nuthin fancy, just finger snackies chips and stuff,
but whatever suits yer fancy to sip and eat out by the pool, weather permitting,bring your suits too ifin ya want, i WILL be in/out of the water myself
sound ok?
i will be out there quite early with my cell so come on over whenever you can, the earlier the better!!!

if the weather isnt agreeable, LAWD forbid!! we canchill ion the house and snark there, ok? ok.
nuff said, methinks,

same directions as before
lookin forward to sharin my space with my SB's as usual!!
love you byebye,

North on Mopac, exit on Parmer, left at the light, pass thru another light
(very short distance) this taking you OVER Mopac,
left at the first turn into Waters Park Apts.
3401 W. Parmer Lane #1621
351-9059 home
203-6085 my cell

now for the fun part!!
over the river and thru the woods!!!

gate code # 2385,
go down the hill, take the 1st right,
go to the end of the block, take a right,
go over the bridge and up the hill,
take a left at the stop sign, then a right, then a left,
(very short distances between,)
our bldg. is #16, it will be on your right,
do NOT park under the carports or in front of the garages,
anywhere else is allowed,
we are #1621, 2nd floor, on the left,
the pool is in front of the apts, kinda between other apts.
any problems call me

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