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atxsbc's Journal

SBC=Snarky Bitch Contingent
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*SBC=Snarky Bitch Contingent, a humorous nickname for our Monday Night gathering.

We are a small group of women who are all friends with many similarities in outlook and lifestyle, but not all of us are pagan. Not all of us are bi, not all of us are poly, not all of us are wives, mothers, etc. We enjoy our similarities and accept one another's differences. We are individuals. We accept that we aren't going to walk in lockstep and speak in unison. We don't talk about & vote on who is "accepted" into the "clique," it's a far more organic and natural process than that. We are not elitist or exclusionary, but as with any gathering of people, some get along better than others, and some end up feeling left out. It's not a deliberate thing, it's just the way groups tend to work.

We get together on Monday evenings because that seems to be a night when there's not a lot of other stuff going on, so people can usually make it to gatherings on Mondays.

[Starting June 5, we will start meeting on Tuesdays instead, to accomodate new school,etc. schedules.]

Sometimes we meet at someone's house. When it's at someone's house, that woman has the right to invite (or NOT invite) anyone she likes. Her house, her rules.

When it's someplace public (restaurant, movie theatre, putt-putt golf course, park, mall, etc.) and you see it mentioned here and you're female, please consider that as an invitation and come on out, if you're interested.

You may enjoy the company. You may decide that you don't. No harm, no foul.

(Here's a revolutionary thought: you could come up with an idea for an SBC night and organize it yourself, inviting whoever you'd like to join you. Because it's not really a formal organization, everything's very free-form. Some things we plan far in advance, some are posted on LJ the same day they happen.)

Some things to keep in mind:

We spend time together not because we hate men, but because we love our women friends.

It's not about spending money.

We are all individuals, and many of us have friends and relationships outside of Girls Night that the other girls may not be aware of, may not be comfortable with, or might not approve of. That's OK.

We talk about this as it comes up and we agree to disagree on some topics, agree not to bring certain topics up, and try very very hard NOT to bring negative thoughts, gossip, or mean-spiritedness to our evenings together.

Yes, we sometimes share our frustrations with life, work, relationships, etc. but we do it because we know we are safe and accepted and we need a close circle to blow off steam safely, with no dramatic repercussions afterwards. ("What happens at Bitch Night STAYS at Bitch Night!")

This isn't The Great And Wonderful Bramblekite (or nikiyoy, or kulilinei, or onyxlynxx, or rkentspeth, or ladydreamtime, or terriblelynne, or maggiemaepisces, etc etc.) Show. None of us comes in and monopolizes everyone's attention for the entire evening. We share the spotlight and are generous with our listening skills.

Despite the moniker of "Snarky Bitch Contingent" we are NOT bitches. We are strong women with occasional strong opinions. In the eyes of the World that may make us bitches. But we are not deliberately mean. We are all smart gals and we enjoy witty comments. They are never meant as attacks on one another or anyone else nearby.

(Or, as I sometimes say "I play rough, but I never mean to hurt anyone.")

Occasionally, we schedule a "bitches and consorts" evening, and then you'd be welcome to bring your male friends. Occasionally, we will even grant a solitary male an 'honorary vagina' for the evening.

Due to the nature of our normal conversations, these are usually "adults only" gatherings unless otherwise stated by the hostess. Please be respectful of this. Many of our SBC ladies are moms and their Bitch Time is their sacred time to escape from their kids and have grownup talk.